Teaching objectives

Teaching objectives
In order to comply with the guidelines in the field of national biomedical research program, we design two distinct aims for PhD and master graduates in GIMS. To have each doctoral candidate to become a competent scientist or a primary investigator who can propose and execute scientific projects is our ultimate goal. In contrast to PhD students, each master graduate is expected to become an experienced research assistant with adequate research skills and fundamental knowledge in biomedical science and can support project managers or primary investigators to fulfill the research projects. In the long run, GIMS are looking forward to becoming a prestigious research institute with superbeducational atmosphere and provide the first-rate scientists with broad international perspective and enthusiastic social responsibility to research institutes and pharmaceutical industries in Taiwan.  

Course Design:
The graduate program is designed for students who intend to specialize in medical sciences. The course covers the chemical, molecular and cellular basis of life, physiology, neurobiology, pharmacology and modern biotechnology. The purpose of this program is to educate the students with modern multidisciplinary knowledge and to become an independent researcher in the related fields.

Equipment facilities::
The Institute is fully equipped with major facilities and to ensure the maximum effectiveness of all the facilities in the Institute, resource sharing is main concept to encourage cooperative activities between investigators.

Course Internationalization:
To ensure the global perspectives of the students and to expand the international research cooperation, we have some courses internationalized by infusion some international perspectives into existing courses and incorporating international components in the teaching and learning activities. These include the distinguished lecture series by international scholars, the short-term study abroad of the faculty and the graduate students, international research cooperation and attending the international conferences.

Job Prospects after Graduation:
We have an enviable record for producing high-caliber graduates who move quickly into good careers soon after finishing their studies. Most of the graduated students have been employed or undertaken further study in academic or non-academic fields.

  Research and teaching:
The research and teaching interests of the faculty include fundamental, as well as medically relevant, problems in biochemical and molecular biology, microbiology and immunology, pharmacology, and cellular physiology and neuroscience. The research enterprise supports university research activity and explores cooperation to other research units including the National Academia Sinica, National Health Research Institute, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan etc.

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